Test data management

A proper approach to test data management is crucial for a less complex, fast moving and more rewarding continuous testing. It simply creates, maintains and protects test data in an accurate way that reduce costs and streamline the process.

Easit Test Engine™ – For a secure testing environment

Easit Test Engine™ is a highly effective and automated software for continuous data testing – scalable across applications, databases and platforms.

Use Easit Test Engine™ to:

Reduce cost

By automating the finding of test data, through mechanisms in the graphical user interface, by command line scripting, or by using web services in test automation.

Reduce risk

By finding and de-identifying sensitive information for compliance and protection.

Reduce delays

By eliminating critical delays in finding test data, speeding up search execution by test data indexing and by making test data stored in unavailable places readily available.


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